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Advertising Design

Marketing and advertising professionals would be nothing without their graphic designers. Creative directors and art directors are responsible for things as small as brochure design concepts for designing small marketing materials like brochures and business cards and large projects like entire advertising campaigns.  Visual content is engaging, and companies rely on effective graphic design in order to tap into the buying decisions of consumers.

I work with various mediums in order to effectively meet the needs and wants of my clients. While graphic design in the advertising and marketing industries has traditionally been print-centered, it's rapidly expanding to include digital assets. Understanding how to design for both print and digital is crucial, so that I can confidently meet the needs and wants of any client.

Social media graphics, email marketing templates, and content marketing are just some of the digital uses of marketing and advertising design.

Advertising graphic design examples

  • Brochure design
  • Newspaper and magazine advertisements
  • Social media graphics
  • Digital advertisements
  • Email marketing templates
  • Infographic design

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